The Reserve Gorumara


About The Reserve Gorumara

We at The Reserve, Gorumara are dedicated at providing you with a royal experience among the woods. The Reserve promises a tremendous synthesis of nature and comfort to you and with every visit we promise to make your experience better. Situated right at the edge of the dense forest, The Reserve promises a spectator veiw of the local flora and fauna among the forest surrounding it. We at The Reserve are aimed at providing the best in its class along with fine dining and princely lodging facilities.

Waking up to a brilliant blue sky, with white cumulous clouds floating lazily by, the mysterious riverine grasslands and savannah woodlands stretching endlessly for 80 sq kilometres a short distance from you, if thats your idea of an ideal holiday then look no further. Located in the Terai rejoin in the Himalayan foothills ,commonly known as the Doars,the Reserve with its cluster of red roofed houses,with a vast lawn and red-yellow stone-way looks exactly like a vision from a storybook.