The Reserve Gorumara
The Reserve Gorumara

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Waking up to a brilliant blue sky, with white cumulous clouds floating lazily by, the mysterious riverine grasslands and savannah woodlands stretching endlessly for 80 sq kilometres a short distance from you, if that’s your idea of an ideal holiday then look no further. Located in the Terai rejoin in the Himalayan foothills , commonly known as the Doars,, the Reserve with it’s cluster of red roofed houses, with a vast lawn and red-yellow stone-way looks exactly like a vision from a storybook.

Here, You can spend your days roaming around the Gorumara national park, journeying your way through 80 sq kilometres of "Sal", Teak, Simul, trees and other deciduous trees, coming upon sudden unexpected trails and waterbodies, the faraway sound of animals and birds such as Indian Rhinos, deers, turtles, pythons, Indian pied hornbill, fly catcher, Minivet Drongo,and the famous Brahmani duckswhich bringing out the explorer in you. These flora and fauna can be viewed from watchtowers all over the park, the best place being rhino observation point just above the salt pit. Some of the nearby places you can visite include Darjeeling, Gangtok and Jaldapara wildlife sanctuary.

Or if you are not a morning person ,you can start off your days with a late Brunch at the Reserve-Gorumara’s restaurant The Salt Pit which combines the best of indigenous delicacies and global cuisine. The resort combines state of the art facilities while retaining an old world feel and rooms with wood panelled ceilings and private balconies. As you sit in front of the fireside enjoying a quiet evening with your loved ones or even alone with millions of fireflies for company, what you experience is sheer bliss.

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